Relationship Matters at Work

Relationship Matters at Work provides companies and organizations with the essentials in building healthy relationships with key stakeholders.  Every organization has a corporate culture, whether recognized or not.  However I believe that you can intentionally develop a great culture when you invest in key relationships internally with the team, and externally with your customers.  The result is a fantastic culture where everyone benefits.

I am committed to helping organizations to do this by providing both fantastic training and personal or team coaching that will bring vibrancy to your organization.

Organization and Business Workshop Details

Culture Talk is a 1-hr live seminar or webinar on how to create a healthy culture within the organization through healthy relationship development.  It will provide the participants with powerful principles to create a great team and develop a culture where everyone is happy to belong.

Culture Growth is a 5-session live seminar or webinar series on building and maintaining a great culture.  It will teach the ten principles of growing a healthy culture so that the organization will prosper and grow.  It helps you learn to navigate the reality of the living organism that is an organization.  This will provide inspiration and a blueprint to move people from organizational thinking to organism thinking.

Culture Multiplicity is a 12-session personal coaching system for developing leaders within the organization. It begins with an organization connectedness assessment from which a culture development plan will be created for the Executive Team to follow.  Using a certification process, I will provide the organization with ongoing coaching through the Executive Team internally.  Key leaders are trained to watch over and water the culture which was established through the Culture Growth process. They in a sense become the guardians and ongoing coaches of the desired cultural outcomes.

Connect is a 1-hr live seminar or webinar that gives non-profit or business sectors the five principles of Community Connection.  It teaches how key relationship development can help them increase their profile and have a greater impact in their community.

Collaborate is a 5-session live seminar or webinar series on building collaborative relationships.  It teaches ten principals of healthy collaboration that creates a ‘win-win-win’ that works for everyone.

Communicate is a 12-session personal coaching system that helps you set your organization apart from all others.  This live coaching helps you develop key relationships with your external stakeholders including donors, clients and collaborative partners.  You will learn communication skills to ensure healthy, ongoing relationships.

Relationship Matters at Home

Relationship Matters at Home provides families with essential keys to building healthy relationships that will enrich marriage and family life.

Why it’s important:
Every home has unique family dynamics.  Sometimes they’re ‘great’ and sometimes not so much.  I believe however that when you invest intentionally in the relationships within your home, you will create a great family culture.

I am committed to helping you do this by providing fantastic training and personal relationship coaching that will bring vibrancy to your relationships and home.

Building a Home Details

Building a Healthy Foundation is a 1-hour live seminar or webinar that teaches the five principles of constructing a solid foundation upon which to build a healthy relationship.

Framing it out is a 5-session live seminar or webinar series on how to build a great family.  It will help you set boundaries and establish ten principles of framing a healthy culture in order to grow healthy family relationships.  This is a very practical and extensive process that works!

Raising the Roof is a 12-session personal coaching system that can help you navigate the reality of the ‘living organism’ that is a family.  It provides training and principles that create a ‘covering ’ over your family relationships.  It is a safe place for each person in the family to learn the skills required for building healthy relationships.  This is a preventive approach, rather than waiting till there are problems.