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Godfidence – Building Confidence That Lasts Forever

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Have you ever wished you had more confidence? Life can be a hard task master at times and toxic relationships can really wear you down, including your self-esteem and confidence. When I was growing up I was often told that I didn’t try hard enough, in fact it was a lack of confidence that kept me from trying harder. The problem is I didn’t know who I was or Who’s I was. I have led and coached many people over the years and the majority of the time, it is a lack of knowing their true value that keeps them from succeeding in life and in their relationships. In fact, I have dedicated my life to helping people discover their value. My personal vision statement is “to reveal the value every person processes and to reveal the value of Jesus to every person.” When you know your value it results in confidence. However, it is a process of discovery and changing your mindset step by step. In this course, I take you on that journey of discovery. We will explore where your value comes from, and who determines it. We will also look at how shame affects your identity and ultimately your confidence negatively. I will provide you with tools to build confidence that lasts forever.  

In this 4 session faith-based video series you will learn;

  • Where confidence comes from 
  • How faith can change the way you see yourself 
  • How shame destroys identity and erodes confidence 

How to build confidence that lasts forever!

I highly recommend and endorse the teachings and the books by Mark. You too can be empowered for greatness by applying the principles of Mark’s teachings. Experience TRUE LIFE CHANGE

Pastor Rory Franks