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These transformational courses give you the tools needed to succeed. People’s lives have been transformed by using the principles taught in my courses. I have priced them so everyone can have access to this life changing teaching.

Relationship Matters Course

5 Pillars for a Healthy Foundation in ALL Your Relationships 

Based on my groundbreaking book Relationship Matters, this course is a powerful journey to relational healing.

Relationships can bring the greatest joy in your life, however they can also bring the most pain. Many people don’t put a lot of thought into what it takes to build a healthy relationship. I know for me, for many years I took relationships for granted in my life. To build a healthy relationship you need a healthy relational culture in your home, extended family or any organisations you may be involved with. To do that you need to make intentional investments into the foundation of your relationships. There are three primary relationships that require investment, with God, with yourself and with others. When one of those relationships is out of line, it affects the others. The best investment you can make is to work on the 5 pillars of your relational foundation; Trust, Communication, Authenticity, Honesty and Honour. This video series takes you on a journey to build those pillars into the fabric of how you relate to yourself and others. The process in the worksheets and the daily work uniquely sets you up for success!    

In this video series you will learn: 

  • How to build trust equity 
  • How to have healthy communication 
  • How to live authentically
  • How honesty is a superpower 
  • How to reclaim the lost art of honour 

This course has been life changing for the people who have taken it in person and now for the first time it is available in video so you can take your family, small group or organization on the journey to healthy relationships together.

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Building Confidence That Lasts Forever

Have you ever wished you had more confidence? Life can be a hard task master at times and toxic relationships can really wear you down, including your self-esteem and confidence. When you know your value it results in confidence. However, it is a process of discovery and changing your mindset step by step. In this course, I take you on that journey of discovery. We will explore where your value comes from, and who determines it. We will also look at how shame affects your identity and ultimately your confidence negatively. I will provide you with tools to build confidence that lasts forever.  

In this 4 session faith-based video series you will learn:

  • Where confidence comes from 
  • How faith can change the way you see yourself 
  • How shame destroys identity and erodes confidence 
  • How to build confidence that lasts forever! 

Get started now for just $29!

Understanding Anger

Are you tired of being angry all the time?

Anger can cause a lot of damage in your relationships, in fact many people who experience anger; face lost relationships, lost jobs and careers and at times, lost freedom because they even get in trouble with authorities. 

There is nothing wrong with anger itself, in fact it is an early warning system that lets you know trouble is ahead or that your needs are not being met. It is what you do with anger that makes it good or bad. When anger manages you rather than you managing it, it becomes destructive. In this two part video series, about 3 hours of training, I take you through the cause and effect of anger. Why you struggle with it and how to manage it and even turn it into an advantage for you. 

This short course has been an awakening for many people I have taught it too. Now it is available by video in the privacy of your own home. 

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Overcoming Shame

Punching Shame in the Face

Has shame kept you from being content in life? For many people shame is a pervasive force that destroys self-worth and overrides or overshadows happiness and contentment. It sabotages relationships and undermines your ability to believe in yourself or others. 

Shame starts from a very young age and sets out to destroy your identity and confidence. Like any bully it needs to be stood up too. In this two video series (About 3 hours of training) I go deep into the cause of shame and how to overcome it and keep it out of your life forever. There are practical tools to give you the skills to punch it right in the face. 

This is an emotional journey for those who have taken this course but I have been told over and over it is life changing. It is now available in video format so you can watch it in the privacy of your own home.

Get started now for just $29!

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