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Understanding Anger

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and How it Affects Your Relationships.

Are you tired of being angry all the time? Anger can cause a lot of damage in your relationships, in fact many people who experience anger; face lost relationships, lost jobs and careers and at times, lost freedom because they even get in trouble with authorities. There is nothing wrong with anger itself, in fact it is an early warning system that lets you know trouble is ahead or that your needs are not being met. It is what you do with anger that makes it good or bad. When anger manages you rather than you managing it, it becomes destructive. In this two part video series, about 3 hours of training, I take you through the cause and effect of anger. Why you struggle with it and how to manage it and even turn it into an advantage for you. This short course has been an awakening for many people I have taught it too. Now it is available by video in the privacy of your own home. 

I highly recommend taking the Punching Shame in the Face course as well, it accompanies this series really well!