Relationship Catalyst

I am a Relationship Catalyst who Empowers people to develop healthy relationships through inspirational speaking and transformational workshops! I have seen hundreds of lives transformed with the principals I teach.

Would You Like Stronger Relationships? Discover How In Just 3 Minutes.

“I am passionate about helping people enjoy healthy and trusting relationships.”

The cost of broken relationships is undermining the health and function of families and organizations alike. For healthy relationships to happen people need to heal from the inside out. Once healed life guiding principles and values are required to put riverbanks around the relationship which protects their heart. Healthy relationships creates a healthy culture within the family or organization. Mark is committed to empowering relationships through teaching those principles and developing tools that provide skills needed for success. Simply stated, his Mission is to “empower people in developing healthy relationships… with God, at home and at work.”

How to Engage Mark


Key Note

Mark delivers inspiring and contextual content through his Keynote sessions. He is engaging and always leaves a group with practical life applications. His topics are relevant and empowering.

Mark is a sought after speaker for events because of his ability to connect with the listeners at a heart level. 

Workshop Facilitator

Mark offers a wide variety of workshops including Anger Management, Strength Based Parenting, Developing a Healthy Relational Culture, Strength Based Leadership, and many others. 

He also can custom design workshops for organizations to address specific relational struggles within teams.

Relationship & Leadership Coaching

If you find your family or organization in a relational crisis. Mark will help you get to the root of the issue so healing can begin. Then he will walk with you in the journey to wholeness in your relationship.  

Mark encourages you to invest in learning the skills to improve your personal or professional relationships. 

What People Say?