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Empowering All Your Relationships

Relationships are in crisis, that’s why I love to empower people in developing healthy relationships. I do this through transformational Courses and creating content that gives you the tools needed to succeed. People’s lives have been transformed by using the principles taught in my courses, book and keynotes.

Would you like stronger relationships?
Discover how in three minutes by knowing your blindspots

I am passionate about you enjoying healthy and trusting relationships.

Today is filled with damaged relationships both personally and professionally, this epidemic continues to destroy families and erode the personal value people need to experience a flourishing life. For healthy relationships to happen people need to heal from the inside out. 

That’s where I come in!

I am committed to empowering all your relationships through a coaching process and teaching principles with the tools that provide skills needed for success. Simply stated, my mission is to “empower people in developing healthy relationships. . . with God, with themselves, and others, thereby, creating a healthy relational culture at home and at work.”

The results are…

COURSES with IMpact

Relationship Matters

5 Pillars for a Healthy Foundation in ALL Your Relationships
Based on my groundbreaking book Relationship Matters, this course is a powerful journey to relational healing.
$ 79 In this video series you will learn
  • How to build trust equity
  • How to have healthy communication
  • How to live authentically
  • How honesty is a superpower
  • How to reclaim the lost art of honour


Building Confidence That Lasts Forever
Have you ever wished you had more confidence? Life can be a hard task master and can wear you down, including your self-esteem and confidence.
$ 29 In this video series you will learn
  • Where confidence comes from
  • How faith can change the way you see yourself
  • How shame destroys identity and erodes confidence
  • How to build confidence that lasts forever!

More Courses . . .

Relationship Matters Book

The Essential Blueprint to Building Strong Families & Fostering Healthy Relationships

Are you at a loss to understand how your marriage has become so miserable, or do you wonder why your children are completely out of control?

Relationship Matters is designed to help you and your family figure out what went wrong and to help create a healthy relational culture at home.

Keynote Speaker

Empowering Content Delivered with Passion and Practical Application 

Whether speaking in the faith community or a business, recovery agency or a non-profit or a leadership team, my goal is to be engaging and to always leave people with inspiration and practical life applications. My topics are relevant and empowering concerning relationships or the subjects that hurt or enhance them.

Relationship & Leadership Coaching

If you find your family or organization in a relational crisis, I will help you get to the root of the issue so healing can begin. Then I will walk with you in the journey to wholeness in your relationship.  

I encourage you to invest in learning the skills to improve your personal or professional relationships. 

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