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Punching Shame in the Face

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Overcoming Shame

Has shame kept you from being content in life? For many people shame is a pervasive force that destroys self-worth and overrides or overshadows happiness and contentment. It sabotages relationships and undermines your ability to believe in yourself or others. Shame starts from a very young age and sets out to destroy your identity and confidence. Like any bully it needs to be stood up too. In this two video series (About 3 hours of training) I go deep into the cause of shame and how to overcome it and keep it out of your life forever. There are practical tools to give you the skills to punch it right in the face. This is an emotional journey for those who have taken this course but I have been told over and over it is life changing. It is now available in video format so you can watch it in the privacy of your own home.