Being Right Can Be Wrong

I have a question: Have you ever sacrificed relationship for rights?  Many times when I am coaching people, I tell them that they can be completely right and completely wrong at the same time over the same issue!  How’s that?

That’s what happens when we sacrifice the relationship for the sake of being right!  In relationships as in society, there are times when we fight to be right without thinking about how it may affect others.

Demanding to have my rights sometimes comes from a sense of entitlement. This can come from deep within, a result of insecurity, stubbornness or even pride. (more…)

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Authentic Relationships

Relationships can be the most complicated and painful part of your life. The paradox is that they can also be the most rewarding and also a great blessing. My parents were married 60 years before my dad passed away, and I don’t remember them having one fight. They were a great couple. My dad used to joke that they didn’t need a dishwasher because he was a ‘built-in’!  He always treated my mom like a queen, honoring her at every opportunity.

There are many different kinds of relationships, but certain principles help in all of them. Being AUTHENTIC is an important one. (more…)

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The Lost Art Of Honour

It seems that our society has lost the art of honor.

I was recently on a trip to Mexico with my sweetie of 29 years. As we boarded our flight, another passenger was asked if she would switch seats so that a family with kids could sit together. Well, you would have thought she had been asked to jump off the plane mid-flight! How dare the airline crew ask such a thing? After all she had pre-selected her seat; just a good old regular seat, not even a special one like at the front or by an exit with more leg room. She was obviously offended by the mere request and spoke very disrespectfully. Several other people had to shuffle just so she would not be inconvenienced.

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