The Hidden Jewel

Treasure hunts are always fun. Kids love them and so do adults, though the adult version may look a little different. Everyone loves to find treasure. It could be a lotto win or an unexpected inheritance, or for those with imagination even a pirate’s chest buried in a city park. But it is always exciting to find something you didn’t see coming.

There is also unrecognized treasure that is with us all the time within our relationships. Beautiful jewels, hidden from sight but very valuable. One such hidden jewel is LOYALTY. (more…)

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Humble Pie Tastes Great

A friend recently asked me how to be humble. The question perplexed me somewhat because it seemed that she was seeking approval from the people she was coaching in order to have a greater connection and therefore be more successful. The reality is that humility cannot be turned on and off like a switch. Humility cannot be used as a vehicle to better our message or improve our brand.

In this article I want to focus on principles that will foster humility within one’s life. We cannot offer what we do not have, so the simple answer to the question is to choose humility and then apply the principles that allow it to grow. (more…)

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Being Right Can Be Wrong

I have a question: Have you ever sacrificed relationship for rights?  Many times when I am coaching people, I tell them that they can be completely right and completely wrong at the same time over the same issue!  How’s that?

That’s what happens when we sacrifice the relationship for the sake of being right!  In relationships as in society, there are times when we fight to be right without thinking about how it may affect others.

Demanding to have my rights sometimes comes from a sense of entitlement. This can come from deep within, a result of insecurity, stubbornness or even pride. (more…)

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