The Hidden Jewel

Treasure hunts are always fun. Kids love them and so do adults, though the adult version may look a little different. Everyone loves to find treasure. It could be a lotto win or an unexpected inheritance, or for those with imagination even a pirate’s chest buried in a city park. But it is always exciting to find something you didn’t see coming.

There is also unrecognized treasure that is with us all the time within our relationships. Beautiful jewels, hidden from sight but very valuable. One such hidden jewel is LOYALTY.

Loyalty is not talked about much in today’s culture where we seem to have forgotten its value. I was having a conversation with a client/friend the other day regarding his brand. He was lamenting that the only loyalty nowadays is to price, where once it was to the quality and consistency of his workmanship.

Even in our personal relationships we often undervalue the beauty of loyalty. It is too easy for us to be offended and just move on to the next. Perhaps we listen to someone else’s gossip and form an opinion about a friend, or hear something about a store in town where we once liked to shop but simply walk away without any effort to seek understanding.

Loyalty is one of the most important ingredients to healthy relationships and for our own emotional growth. There is a biblical proverb that can help us see its value. It says, “Never let loyalty and kindness leave you!  Tie them around your neck as a reminder.  Write them deep within your heart; then you will find favor with both God and people and you will earn a good reputation.”

As I was looking at this I saw a few keys that can help us discover the value of loyalty and apply it to our lives.

1. Loyalty is an act of kindness – It is interesting that these two characteristics are tied together. I believe it is because it takes a great measure of kindness to be a loyal person. We all have many reasons to be offended by someone. Kindness, however, is an internal choice. Kindness is not based on others’ actions or attitudes but on our own. When we choose kindness it develops loyalty in us. It actually protects our heart from offence.

2. Display them – By tying them around our neck it does two things. It actively puts it out there for everyone to see. It becomes a beautiful necklace that everyone can admire so it builds trust. However it also reminds us of the value of loyalty and kindness when we may be tempted to give up on a relationship.

3. Write them on your heart – In a previous article I wrote about authenticity. When we write loyalty deep in our heart it becomes part of who we are and is offered unconditionally which increases its value exponentially.

4. You will find favor – People are attracted to kindness and loyalty.  In my life I have often enjoyed favor from others.  It has been a great blessing when people have gone out of their way to care for our family. I believe that this favor comes because of the loyalty and kindness that has become a strong value within my family.

5. A good reputation – Everyone wants a good reputation and we do many things to gain it. Loyalty is a character trait that helps us earn a good reputation. When we are loyal it attracts loyal people into our lives. It is a slow but sure way to be known as a trustworthy person in the community. People will develop relationship with you when they know they can trust you.

Loyalty is important to every type of relationship. Apply these principles to your family, friendships or businesses. Loyalty is truly a treasure that is often hidden in society today, but it is there. Join me in bringing it back into fashion. Wear it as the beautiful jewel it is and loyalty will sparkle in a time when we could all use some good news!

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