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Mark and Sandi in Mexico

Summer Time Connections

Summer time is a great time to get away with family and enjoy quality time. I find quality time happens within quantity time and so summer holidays can be a great opportunity to build strength in relationships. The problem is we can get so caught up in the fun we miss the opportunity for heart felt dialogue. I encourage people to use the holiday time to intentionally connect with each other.

I believe holidays are an opportunity to do two things:

1. Create connection opportunities – be intentional about spending time with each member of your family individually, take turns covering for each other so that each one gets some heart felt time. Plan ahead what you would like to say to each of them. One year Sandi and I looked up the meaning of each kids name and wrote it out and then listed all the great things that we saw in them. It was their favourite holiday to this day.

Sandi looking fabulous
Sandi looking fabulous

2. Create Memories – The fun stuff is a great opportunity to create memories for the family and certainly taking pictures will capture those memories but a way to take them to another level is to have a reunion day a couple of months after getting home. You can make posters with the pictures and maybe decorate the house in the theme of where you went and spend the day remembering all the great times together. Have each family member say what their favourite part was.

Have a great HOLIDAY this summer and build quality relationship at the same time! Until next time remember ‘Relationship Matters’